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Published: 31st July 2009
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People who are fat always feel very lonely and can not explain why. They stand in a crowd but feel lonely. Maybe one day they will figure out their loneliness and sadness are there because several things are going on. They do not like their body. As we known, fat people have an increasing risk of having heart disease. If you are one of these people, you should try some exercise called imagery exercise.

The first step of this imagery exercise is to close your eyes and put yourself in a meditative state. If at any time you feel like this is not something you want to do, I'11 rely on you to tell me that. You should begin by visualizing your body. What kind of image do you get? You may get the imagination of mounds of flesh, a wall of fat.

The second step is to imagine that your body has a voice of its own. It is time for you to tell it hello, ask it to just say hello to you, just to identify it. You may amazed its voice is different from mine. It named itself "fat".

The third step is to ask your Mr. "fat" what is it the purpose in your life. After your conversation with your Mr. "fat", you may find out what he said is some kind of joke and your Mr. "fat" is a big liar. You have to do a lot of things because you are fat. It's not good for your healthy and you want to live a life like this.

You should do some weight loss research. You can learn some methods about weight loss on the internet. There is another way to get the keep fit tips. You could ask your friends who are good at these aspects for help.

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